February 11-12, 2005
As part of the Elevator programme at the National Review of Live Art (new territories 2005)
the Arches Theatre, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow G2 8DL

August 24, 2005 6-9 pm
Part of In-between and Off Site Future Factory
The Nottingham Castle
Nottingham NG1 6EL

March 11,12 2006
VISU Festival
DSN Center
Dieppe, France


A solo performance for an audience of one exploring the history of hysteria, sexuality, voyeurism and the hidden tensions of social interactions. Desire muses about the swoon and the lives of the hysteric women in the black and white photographic iconography of Salpêtrière asylum.

“I am a photograph. But I am also a camera and I see you out there in black and white.” Furse, Anna. "Augustine (Big Hysteria)" Harwood Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. 1997

This is the third of a trilogy of one-on- one performance's in collaboration with costume designer Nadia Malik and the set and prop design of Ottis Sturmey. This piece was premiered at the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow in February, 2005.

Costume by Nadia Malik

Calash designed by Ottis Sturmey

Photography by Debs Storey

Click here to see Desire at the Nottingham Castle
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